Mezzanine Floor FAQs

I’ve heard of iQD but I’m not sure what it is!

iQD is Hi-Level’s unique mezzanine floor production management system. Hi-Level is able to produce fast, accurate and competitive quotes, virtually instant CAD draughting and detailing output, and accurate production scheduling based on actual manufacturing and installation team availability. All this is based on a single set of data input at the quote stage and confirmed at survey stage. The system automatically works out the most efficient design solution based on your specific requirements and then produces a quote based on actual current steel prices.

There are quite a few technical questions on the quote form. How do I know I’m giving the correct information?

Have a look at the guidelines for filling in the quote form. These are designed to help you provide the right information and to let you know why we have asked the question. If you are unsure about something just give us a call and we’ll talk you through it.

How important is it that the information I provide is accurate?

Very. Our iQD system is the most advanced quoting and mezzanine floor production system on the market. It will produce the most efficient design possible given your requirements and the details you give us. If you get a dimension wrong it will have a direct effect on the design and on the quote. We have set it up this way because we want you to get the optimum design at the best possible price.

Your standard mezzanine specification is different from some of your competitors. Why is this?

It is likely that you will receive quotes from companies that are based on the lowest specification they can get away with. At Hi-Level our base specification for a floor and its ancillaries is that dictated by best practice within the industry, currently BRE Digest 437 and the relevant British Standards. Beware of companies attempting to get away with inferior decking materials, insufficient bracing and lower steel specifications. See Quality Standards.

Does the higher specification of a Hi-Level floor cost me a lot more?

Not necessarily. Our iQD system is so good at working out the most efficient method of production that we remain highly competitive. Why not obtain a quote and see for yourself.

What about Building Regulations, who makes sure the mezzanine design, manufacture and installation is fully compliant?

We will. On most projects Hi-Level takes full responsibility for this aspect. We will ensure that every aspect of the build is fully checked and approved.

What about planning permission, is this needed for a mezzanine floor?

Unless prohibited by a condition attached to a previous consent the answer is no as long as the changes are internal. The Government has, however, been trying to control the expansion of retail floor space in out-of-town developments and has brought in legislation requiring planning permission for floors above 200m². It is permitted, however, to add several floors, each just below the 200m² limit without requiring planning consent!

Once the order has been placed, how quickly will things get moving?

Site surveys and inspections are conducted within one week of the order being placed with Hi-Level and are carried out by our own professional surveyor. Having this expertise in-house allows us to respond quickly and to ensure that the surveyor is very familiar with site requirements and specific issues surrounding the erection of mezzanine floors.

How will Hi-Level ensure that things go according to plan?

Each project is coordinated and controlled by one project manager ensuring that our clients have a single point of contact for all technical, engineering and installation issues.

I know Hi-Level is competitive on small floors but what about larger floors?

The iQD system automatically works out the most efficient design for the floor and takes current steel prices into account. This makes us highly competitive and ensures that the quote is based on a realistic and achievable design. We have, as a result, delivered some of the largest multi-tiered floors in the UK and are, in fact, the largest supplier of mezzanine floors in the UK.

During the installation, how can I be sure that health and safety measures are being adhered to?

Installation is carried out through a network of specialist, locally based, teams experienced and qualified in the handling and erection of mezzanine floors. All team members operate to appropriate site safety protocols approved and monitored by our appointed Health and Safety consultant. See Installation/Site Safety.

Are your operatives fully trained?

Operatives are fully insured and trained to operate required equipment and are certified to nationally approved standards. All teams have completed the CSCS (Construction Skills Certification Scheme) and, where appropriate, are also SEIRS (Storage Equipment Installers Registration Scheme) trained.

Where can I get a copy of your environmental policy?

Our environmental policy is available upon request. Please telephone us on 01730 237190, email us at sales@hi-level.co.uk or send a message through our enquiry form.

Can I view your privacy policy?

Our website privacy policy is located here.

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